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Here at Elements, we provide a wide range of treatments and therapies. Our expert practitioners will be sure to provide you with the best possible service. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind with a massage, look your best with an aesthetic treatment or have an injury you want to treat- we have your needs covered. Scroll down to browse our range of therapies. All Elements services can be booked online using the links below, for anything else, please contact the therapist directly.

The complete wellness package

Facial Treatments

Treat your skin with one of our signature tropic facials. Our facials are bespoke to your skin type and needs. We use Tropic products which are naturally derived and work harmoniously with your skin to give you the best results. So unwind, relax and feel radiant with our range of facials. Chose from:

Deep cleansing, age defying, hydration, combination

Tropic Bespoke Luxury facial: 60 minutes at £50

Tropic Bespoke Express facial: 30 minutes at £40

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Relax and destress


Body Treatments

Deep Tissue Massage

Help to relieve muscular tension and feel soothed with this firm, deep relaxing massage. Specific techniques and a blend of essential oils are applied that focus on pressure points to help alleviate tension, stress, and pain.

30 minutes at £40

45 minutes at £50

60 minutes at £60

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Relax and Restore


Swedish Massage

Fully unwind with this gentle, flowing and relaxing massage. A blend of calming and relaxing essential oils with gentle massage manipulation techniques that will leave you feeling destressed and peaceful.

60 minutes at £60

45 minutes at £50

30 minutes at £40

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Holistic Therapies

The Norfolk Retreat

Gemma Challis MICHT Reg is a holistic practitioner with over 25 years of hands-on experience in healing work. Gemma works holistically with your body’s natural capacity to heal itself, increasing your health and wellness.

Her heart-centred and intuitive approach allows her to blend advanced training in multiple bodywork techniques and energy work, providing bespoke treatments which honour your individuality.

Gemma’s work is open to everyone; however, she specialises in women’s health and has a passion for empowering women through life’s transitions and reclaiming the wisdom within themselves.

Contact Gemma directly via her website

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Reiki Therapies


Andrew’s Reiki Healing

Andrew’s background is care, he has worked with adults with disabilities and now works with children in residential care.

Many years ago he started receiving spiritual healing, later he felt he could help others by learning and giving this in the same way he has experienced. He then discovered reiki healing and went on to enroll in the relevant training and started off practicing on friends and family receiving positive feedback . Once he had gained more experience he completed the practitioner level and launched his business called Andrew’s reiki healing.

He can’t wait to help you and others begin their reiki healing journey.

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Reiki Acceleration UK

Alison is the owner of Reiki Acceleration UK. She has many years experience within both social care and Health and Safety Sectors and as such wellbeing has always been her passion.

After her own personal experience of Reiki and learning the benefits and techniques of Usui Reiki, she decided to follow my passion and empathetic nature to help her clients feel the same.

Reiki can help at any level, whether physical, mental or emotional, and has can be effective with stress-related conditions too. It can help and support with recovery from illness or surgery, and brings comfort too. Life becomes bearable again. Reiki therapy is kindness to you from you.

If you would like to find out more please do get in touch as she loves to share her knowledge and experiences and can unlock your journey to greater physical mental and spiritual well-being.

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Body Therapies

Norfolk Tissue Therapy

Molly is the owner of Norfolk Tissue Therapy. Soft Tissue Therapy aims to alleviate muscle tension, enhance recovery and is great to have as maintenance during your training. Molly enjoys exercising regularly and has personally seen the negative impact that injuries can have on individuals, recreational and professional athletes. Molly believes that the importance of understanding the cause of these issues and minor injuries is overlooked and also needs addressing. This is incorporated through assessing, treating and providing remedial exercises and advice to help clients return to their sport and everyday activities.

Soft Tissue Therapy aims to provide remedial treatment through the following techniques: Sport Massage, Myofascial release, Neuromuscular technique, Positional Release, Muscle Energy Techniques (PIR &RI) and Soft Tissue Release.

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Norfolk Physiotherapy

With over 10 years experience working with Professional Athletes in professional football, GAA and dance, along with work within the public and private healthcare systems Lorcan is regarded as an expert in his field.

​Lorcan specializes in both sport and non-sport related musculoskeletal complaints. With his unique blend of (as he puts it ‘the best bits from’) physiotherapy, osteopathy, sports therapy ,dry needling/acupuncture, and massage Lorcan provides specific bespoke treatment, advice and rehabilitation.

Lorcan combines his personal experiences together with his professional knowledge to provide patients with the best possible care plan to help them in most cases cure their symptoms and reach their ultimate goal.

​Lorcan is a great communicator and has a straight forward approach in both informing the patient the diagnosis, prognosis options, and treatments options; if he feels his form of treatment is not for for you he will tell you, if he feels you need any other service he will direct in the right Direction.

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Aesthetics and Beauty

Aesthetics by Dr Ruth

Dr Ruth is the owner of Aesthetics by Dr Ruth. As a Consultant surgeon with over 20 years of experience in the NHS, she is here to provide you with the best care possible. She strives to tailor her approach to suit your aesthetic needs, keeping the focus on enhancing your natural beauty.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr Ruth via DM, email, or message if you’d like to discuss more. Dr Ruth offers flexible consultations and appointment times to accommodate your schedule. She is committed to delivering a professional, caring, and thoughtful service.

Visit her page if you’d like to find out more.

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